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Caddigat Lakes

Caddigat Lakes

Thank you for visiting this site, developed to showcase Caddigat Lakes on Rod Smith’s property Dixieland, near Adaminaby in the NSW Snowy Mountains. Please read this preview and call Steve on 0438 403362 if you would like more information.

The property is a sheep station, with a network of nine trout lakes, a trout farm, a small irrigation entitlement, accommodation, buildings, sheds, and six kilometres of Murrumbidgee River frontage – including some spectacular gorge country.

This page gives basic information about the property whilst each of the tabs takes you to a slide show of images giving an insight into the property and its potential. Click on each image to quickly flick through the slides.

The Caddigat Lakes are completely contained on the one property, one of the reasons it is so unique.  By road it’s a one hour and 45 minute drive from Canberra, 40 minutes from Cooma, and 20 minutes from Adaminaby; or 15 minutes by helicopter from Canberra airport.

Dixieland is around 2500 acres and comfortably supports around 1000 merino sheep.  The property includes nine dams collectively called Caddigat Lakes.  Rod built the dams 30 years ago. His dream was to create a natural aquatic environment and a world class fishery that supported sustainable aquaculture.  The lakes are individually named Dixieland, Spring, Midway (all 2 acres), Snaggy (3.8 acres),  Teeny (0.5 acres), Kidney (1.5 acres), Secret (3 acres), the Rodney-George (14 acres) , and the largest of all  Caddigat Lake. At 33 acres and with over 3 kilometres of shoreline you can comfortably spend several days on Caddigat Lake exploring its bays, cliffs, and tracks, and in winter you can watch the trout spawning naturally in Caddigat Creek. In total there is more than 60 acres of prime trout fishing. Rod does not charge for fishing on the lakes but does charge a property access fee.

All the dams are licensed and are associated with trout and yabby aquaculture permits.  In the past, Rod has used floating cages to grow rainbow trout in both the Rodney George and Caddigat lakes and this still remains a viable proposition. In 1990 the trout farm concrete raceways and processing sheds were built. The twenty raceways are capable of holding up to 60 tonnes of fish, and producing 120 tonnes of trout per year.

In 1992 Rod became involved in the much larger Snowy Mountains Trout Farm at Tumut, becoming the sole owner of that business in 2000.  At the same time he stopped producing trout at the smaller operation at Dixieland to take advantage of the economies of scale.

Whilst the aquaculture permit at Dixieland is now used mainly for broodstock the business could easily become a working trout farm once more.

To ensure maximum flexibility in the storage and use of water the farm is equipped with pumps that can move water from Caddigat Lake to Dixieland Dam at the top of one valley, and to Kidney Dam at the top of the other. This enables water to gravity feed through the remaining dams if it’s necessary to top them up during the summer months.  Throughout the last big drought all dam levels were maintained. Caddigat Lake has never fallen more than a couple of feet.

The trout farm water supply comes from Caddigat Lake and is gravity fed into the Murrumbidgee River with the potential for a mini-hydro power station to take advantage of the return flow. The lake can then be topped up by pump from the Murrumbidgee River using off-peak power. There is a three bedroom farm house which could be quickly renovated as a manager’s residence, and a block house which is used by visiting fly fishermen.

There are a number of incredible locations suitable for building a prestige owner’s residence with amazing views of the lakes and the Murrumbidgee valley. The lakes are all suitable for private fishing cabins.

The trout farm has functioning pumps, a series of concrete raceways, cool rooms, freezers and processing rooms, which, whilst requiring attention could be quickly renovated and put into use. The farm is easily capable of producing 50 to 100 tonnes or more of fresh rainbow trout a year, which could represent a gross turnover of  up to $1,000,000, with value added products and increased production offering significant potential for growth.

The property’s fences and gates are in fair condition, as are the roads which are accessible without a four wheel drive vehicle other than in very wet conditions.

This is the first time this property has been on the market in over 40 years. It presents a unique opportunity to acquire the largest network of private trout lakes on a single property in the region, if not in Australia, as well as a good sized sheep farm, and the potential to re-establish the trout farm.

This is a beautiful rural property with incredible potential, as well as being a trophy trout fishing property. The property is not being actively marketed and Rod is currently only seeking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST.

If you would like to visit Caddigat Lakes or view a contract please call Steve Dunn on 0438 40362. View the lakes on Google maps: